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Each week Drift Off welcomes you with a soft melodic voice that will help you fall asleep to classic stories from the public domain. Every episode begins with a brief relaxation to help you settle in, followed by the reading of a bedtime story. Accompanying the calming narration is a soft melody thoughtfully chosen to complement the storytelling. A harmonious blend perfectly designed to lull you to sleep.

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My Story

I'm your host Joanne and I'm the voice behind the podcast! I am also the creator and founder of the YouTube channel "Relax for a while" that helps over 240,000 listeners drift off to sleep at night. My mission is simple! To provide a restful haven so listeners can relax and ease into a peaceful slumber every night.

I have been in the health profession for over 30 years as a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist. I am also a certified hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Whether using my hands in massage, or my voice as a tool for relaxation, my greatest passion is to help bring comfort and relaxation to those in need.

My friend, I am so happy you are here! It truly is an honor helping you get restful sleep :)


Your friend and host!

Joanne D'Amico

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